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Desert Warfare 2016

Sat, October 1, 20167:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Desert Warfare 2016 CrossFit Competition on 10/1/2016

You will be redirected to create a WODTOGETHER account. Make sure to type "CROSSFIT BEEHIVE" into the gym name NOT your gym when signing up for the competition. Each team captain will be responsible for setting up their team. Once you have signed up for the competition we will contact you via email for sizes of competition shirts that each team member will be receiving. Good Luck and Good Training.

Here are the movements that you will need to know how to do:


Weight: Rx115/75, INT 95/65 

*We reserve the right to change or add movements. (most likely we wont, but just in case :-)


50m BIG BOB SLED PUSH – 25m sled push then, each Teammate must perform one of the following movements in total. Then, 25m sled push back to the starting line. 10minute Time Cap

Rx: 10 Pull Ups, 10 Toes To Bar, 5 Chest To Bar, 5 Bar Muscle Ups

Intermediate: 10 Pull Ups, 10 Pull Ups, 10 Toes To Bar, 10 Toes To Bar

(I know that nobody has a BIG BOB sled, so I have opened up training for all athletes that are going to compete. Competitors may come to CrossFit BeeHive anytime during our OPEN GYM slots and train on BIG BOB. Fridays from 4:30pm-6:30pm, Saturdays from 9am-10am, and Sundays from 9am-10am.)


500m row (Each Teammate),

80 Wallballs Rx (25-10'/14-10’ line) (Intermediate (20-10'/14-9’ line),

60 Deadlifts, Rx (115/75), Intermediate (95/65)

40 Toes Through Rings-Rx (Rings set at 6') / Toes To Bar-Intermediate

20 Power Snatches Rx:(115/75) / Intermediate:(95/65)

10 Rope Climbs – 12’

20 minute TEAM CAP

Each teammate will row 500m (1 athlete at a time) starting with the guys. Once both guys finish their individual 500m row, then they proceed to their 80 wallballs. At this point, the girls may begin their individual 500m rows. The girls may NOT pass the boys. Girls CHASE boys

1) Wallballs: If the wallball hits the ground, that rep will be called a NO REP. You must control the wallball at all times. 

2) Toes-Through-Rings:If your toes (Rx) do not go THROUGH the rings, that rep will be called a NO REP. 

3) Toes-To-Bar: (Intermediate) toes must touch the bar at the same time or that rep will be called a NO REP. 

4) Barbell Movements: If you release the barbell from OVERHEAD, that rep will be called a NO REP. You must always be incontrol of your barbell and it's bounce. 

5) Rope Climbs- If you jump/let go of the rope on the descent, that rep will be called a NO REP. You must climb all the way down to the ground. 

We want to keep this event SAFE. PLEASE CONTROL YOUR BARS/BOUNCES.


1 Male Athlete + 1 Female Athlete will be on either the Air Bikes/Barbells. Athletes may rotate stations at anytime. At no time can there be 2 of the same sex on the Air Bikes or at the Barbell.

Rx: 150 cal  each Air Bike / Intermediate: 120 cal each Air Bike

50 N’Sync Thrusters Rx (115/75) , Intermediate: (95/65)

50 N’Sync Bar Hopping Burpees

12 minute Time Cap

There will be 2 Air Bikes. Each Air Bike must reach 150 calories for Rx or 120 calories for Intermediate. You may switch bikes and or athletes at anytime but you cannot have 2 of the same sex on the Air Bike or the Barbell at the same time. 

While you are working towards your calories, the other 2 athletes on your team will be performing 50 synchronized Thrusters. Both athletes must be at the bottom of the Thruster at the same time and must be locked out at the top of the Thruster, at the same time for the rep to count. You may NOT drop the bar from overhead. This will be counted as a NO REP. (CONTROL YOUR BARS), You may switch partners at anytime. Again, you may not have 2 of the same sex on either the Air Bike or Thrusters.

After your team is done with the 50 Total Thrusters as a Team, you move onto the next portion of the WOD, The synchronized Bar Hopping Burpees. Both Athletes must perform a hand release burpee at the same time. Both partners must be on the floor at the same time and must hop over the bar at the same time with both feet leaving the ground at the same time and landing at the same time for the rep to count. Step overs will be called as a NO REP. You may switch partners at anytime. Again, you may not have 2 of the same sex on either the Air Bike or Burpees.

After the bar work has been completed, you need only to finish your calories on each bike. You will have a 12 minute Time Cap for this WOD


1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Clean and Jerk Ladder

1 minute at each weight for both partners.

Each athlete will be scored with the heaviest successful lift.

The team score will be all of the athlete’s heaviest successful lifts added together for 1 max total. Weights are as follows:

Guys: 155,175,195,215,235,255,275                                                                                                   Girls:    85,105,115,125,135,155,175

*RX and Intermediate Teams will use the same weights*

Both same sex partners will have a combined time of 1 minute per weight to complete 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Clean and Jerk (this clean may be a power clean if so desired and the jerk may be a push jerk. A PUSH PRESS will be called a NO REP). Every minute you will proceed to the next weight. You will perform the hang squat clean then perform a touch and go to the Clean and Jerk. You may adjust your grip if needed only if the bar is off of the ground. You may NOT adjust your grip with the bar on the ground. This will be called a NO REP. In the event a NO REP has been called, you must begin back at the Hang Squat Clean even if you have already completed that lift. You cannot pick up where you left off. You must control the bar from the OverHead position to the ground. Letting go of the bar from the OverHead position will be called a NO REP. CONTROL YOUR BARS/BOUNCES.

In the event that only one partner completes their lift. That partner can continue to the next set of weights and continue to do so until completing the ladder or failing their lift within the time frames, while the other partner is out. Points for this WOD will be the total amount of completed weight lifted as a team.

Competition Day Itinerary:

Check-In 7am

Athlete Briefing: 7:30

Judges Briefing 7:45

National Anthem 8am

Team Announcements: 8:10

First Wave Start Time: 8:30

Heat 1: 8:30-8:50

Heat 2: 8:55-9:15

Heat 3: 9:20-9:40

Heat 4: 9:45-10:05

Heat 5: 10:10-10:30

Second Wave Start Time: 10:45

Heat 1: 10:45-10:57

Heat 2: 11:00-11:12

Heat 3: 11:15-11:27

Heat 4: 11:30-11:42

Heat 5: 11:45-11:57

Third Wave Start Time: 12:30 (Running Clock)

12:30-1:03pm Finish Time

Floater WOD Sign up times: 16 Time slots for 14 teams

8:30-8:40 8:45-8:55

9:00-9:10 9:15-9:25 9:30-9:40 9:45-9:55

10:00-10:10 10:15-10:25 10:30-10:40 10:45:10:55

11:00-11:10 11:15-11:25 11:30-11:40 11:45-11:55

12:00-12:10, 12:15-12:25

Awards Ceremony: 1:30pm

Intermediate Teams

Heat #1:  Always Hungry (TI), Jelly Donut (Epicenter), You’ve Been Here Before (Barstow)

Heat #2: Vanilla Puddin’ (CFBH), Triwizrd Champions (Status), Legends

Heat #3: Battle Axe (TI), FSJ (CFBH)

Rx Teams

Heat #4: The Bald & The Beautiful (TI), Aged To Perfection (Stellar), Status

Heat #5: Juan & The Amigos (TI), Buttz-N-Coconutz (Fort Irwin), No Safe Space (Epicenter)