Workout Of The Day

Our Training Sessions are put up in the gym everyday. If you would like to see our training sessions, we invite you to come in and observe our athletes during their training sessions. Training Sessions or "WODs" are different everyday. We program our Training Sessions in 6 week programs. Want results? Come in and start training. We TRAIN you. We don't just put you through a Circuit Training and send you on your way. We TRAIN you. Training isn't done in a "14 day Metabolic Burn", or a "21 Day Detox Fat Burner". Training is on going and takes a commitment. Commit to a healthy lifestyle. It takes a personal commitment of time, sweat and heart to get you back in shape. This is why we offer our 6 month commitment at such a low rate (less than $5/day). Anyone can do it. Come in and see what the BUZZ is all about here at CrossFit BeeHive.